Technology Insurance

The technology industry is constantly evolving, and with it, the risks associated with operations are also changing rapidly. As a result, it is crucial to have a partner who understands the potential exposures of your operations and can provide suitable risk transfer methods. T Hudson Insurance is well-equipped to be that partner, offering extensive expertise in identifying and managing the risks of tech-based businesses. We have developed cutting-edge programs that provide comprehensive coverage and risk management tools to our clients. Our team takes great pride in delivering added value by educating our clients about the potential liabilities and uncertainties they may face.

Technology Verticals:

  • Application Development
  • Engineers
  • Financial Technology
  • Government Technology
  • Hardware and Software Development
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Security
  • Life Science
  • Medical Technology
  • SAAS Providers
  • Website Design

Cyber Risk Exposure Protection:

Loss that is the result of an interruption is covered when it is a direct result of a cyber incident or extortion threat.

Loss that is the direct result of an extortion threat.

Loss that is the result of negative publicity is covered when it is a direct result of a cyber incident or security breach.

Loss to stored computer programs or electronic data within a computer system.

Loss that is the direct result of a security breach. Although under the forensics part of security breach the insurance company does pay the costs to determine what needs to be done going forward to prevent security breaches this policy does not pay to actually put such needed changes into effect. Those costs are the responsibility of the named insured.

Loss that is the result of a claim which is discovered during the policy period is covered if the insured is legally obligated to pay it and was due to a wrongful act that takes places before the end of the policy period.


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